Maximize Earning Potential
by Refreshing Your Vacation Rental

Stop having lower occupancy and nightly rates than your competition. Use design to stand-out and maximize your investment.

Increase Your Monthly Revenue

According to AirDNA, professional design can increase your occupancy and nightly rate.

What could that do for you?
Interior Square Footage
Current Annual Occupancy Rate
Average Nightly Rate
Design Fee Est.: ---
Furniture & Décor Budget:---
Est. Total Expenses*:---
Est. Additional Monthly Revenue**:---
*This is an estimate only. Does not include staging and installation costs. This does not include structural home remodeling.
**Based off a 22% increase in nightly rate. Showplace cannot guarantee any results, including increased monthly revenue.

Design Trial: Design a Room for $299

Not sure if Showplace is the right fit, or if you will like our design? Try out a bedroom or living room with us for just $299.

1 Hour Design Consultation


Space Planning Analysis


Inspiration Board


Design Presentation



Refresh Examples
Miami, FL
~8 Weeks
Total Furniture Budget

Refresh Design FAQs

How long does the whole process take?

On average, the design process takes 2-4 weeks, and procurement, logistics, and staging take an additional 4 weeks. On average, the whole process takes about 6-8 weeks.

How much does it cost?

There are three phases of your project: Design, Procurement, & Logistics.
Design: The design fee, which covers the designers time and expertise, is based off a square footage pricing. We normally charge $1.50 a square foot.
Procurement: You can spend as much or as little as you would like. We typically tell hosts to budget for $2-$5 a square foot for furniture and décor. Pricing can vary widely depending on your preferences. You also can check-out with whatever you would like! You are not obligated to buy anything after your design is finished.
Logistics: Pricing varies widely for logistics, which can include consolidated delivery and white glove installation. If you need help with receiving packages and/or white glove installation, you can use Showplace's Preferred Contractor Network to get bids for your project.

How does the Design Trial work?

We understand that it can be difficult to commit to spending a large amount of money on a design without knowing if Showplace is going to be a good fit. Because of that, we have a Design Trial where for only $299 you can receive a full design experience for either a bedroom or living room.
The design trial includes a 1 hour design consultation with a designer, space planning analysis to determine room configuration and sizes of furniture that will fit, an inspiration board to make sure we are designing to your style, a design presentation showing the final room design, and one round of revisions to the room design.
If during or after the trial you would like Showplace to help design the rest of your home, the $299 will be credited towards the total design fee.
If after the trial you would not like to proceed with Showplace to help design the rest of the home, no problem! You can walk away with the one room design only.

What is not included in your services?

Showplace does not do any remodeling work or consultation. Showplace focuses on furniture and decor design.

Do you offer staging and installation?

Yes, we offer consolidated delivery and white glove installation through our Showplace Preferred Contractor Network. Once you have created a project, you can request bids from our network. All of those bids will be posted to your project, and you can hire any of the contractors directly from our platform.