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We've helped hundreds launch successful listings.

Setting up a vacation rental can be brutal.
We’ve seen first-time hosts spend weeks buying furniture from multiple websites, take time off work to assemble furniture, and lose money each day they can’t accommodate guests. Then if they launch unprepared, a few bad reviews can bring their business to a halt.
That’s why Showplace was born. We’ve taken our experience from setting up over 800 rentals and streamlined the entire process.
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Increase Revenue
Hosts see their nightly revenue increase by 22% on average.
Save Time
We save hosts up to 75 hours getting their rental guest-ready.
Boost Ratings
83% of our hosts see an increase in their star ratings.
How It Works
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Get to know each other
We’ll learn more about your vacation rental needs, budget, and goals. We’ll use this information to come up with a strategy and walk you through our process. Typically, we help launch new rentals in about 6 weeks.
See mood boards and digital renderings of your space.
Design with confidence
Collaborate with an expert designer to help get your rental guest-ready. With experience furnishing hundreds of rentals, our experts will guide you through the details that make the biggest impact for your guests and are easy for you to maintain.
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Elissa, Showplace Expert Designer
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Sign-off & we’ll ship
All our products are host tested and approved™, so you can feel confident that they’re of the highest quality. Plus we offer the best prices available by negotiating directly with brands.
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Set up & start booking
We offer a range of installation options for every budget, from DIY to white glove service. After setup, start booking stays in your vacation rental and start earning.
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After using Showplace, hosts see their nightly revenue increase by 22% on average.
"Showplace was a game changer! It made going from 1 property to 3 completely doable."
Brianne Kennedy
Real Estate Investors (Three Rivers, CA)

Our Designs

Discover what Hosts were able to achieve with Showplace.

Designed by Elissa
Clearwater Luxury
Designed by Bailey
Designed by Jade
Spacious Luxe Stay


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