Galveston 4 Bedroom Home


Designed by Bailey Rankin

Tropical Paradise

This completely remodeled 1930's home with lots of natural light and tall ceilings. Close to the beaches and Seawall!

Bed4 bedrooms
Bath3 bath
measure2487 sqft

* Sourced from Airdna data

Est. Annual Revenue *


Price per Night *


Furnishing Budget



7 Weeks

Occupancy Rate *


Property Rating

5 out of 5

This place was a fantastic find, offering a blend of practicality, historic charm, and comfort. The mirrors flatter, and the kitchen is well-stocked with every utensil and piece of cookware you could possibly need. It's exceptionally clean and well-appointed, making it perfect for remote workers like us. Moreover, the quality of the towels and bedding is top-notch, and its proximity to the beach & Galveston attractions is just the added bonus. Highly recommended for a seamless stay!

- Sean, stay on Apr 12, 2024

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