Expo West 2022 Exhibitors Invited to the Showplace Pitch

Curious about selling your products to Airbnb/Vrbo hosts?

Showplace has a network of 7,000+ vacation rental listings across the U.S. ready to purchase items for their listings. Our host wholesale marketplace launched in February of 2022 and has been a huge success from day one.

When & Where?

Friday, March 11th from 8:00am – 10:00am at Anaheim Marriott, 1st Floor, Platinum Rooms 6-10


Vacation Rental
Product Placement

We are the one-stop shop for the vacation rental industry and invite you to our first ever pitch. We want to see and hear about your products. Come prepared to tell our Showplace panel why your brand’s products are a good fit for vacation rentals.

To qualify, your brand must:

First ask yourself, “Would a host purchase my product for their listing and/or guests?” You must be able to dropship.

MOQ & Shipping
Allow low minimum orders and ship within one (1) week.

Discounts & Durability
Offer a discount of at least 30% off MSRP (more consideration given with higher discounts). Have high-quality and durable items (Bonus if they are sustainable, eco-friendly and made in the USA).

A bit more...

We will accept both durable and consumable items for consideration but will be accepting a limited number of consumable items.

What to bring?

Product samples (to be left with panel).

Line Sheet & Sell Sheet
Sell sheet describing your company and products, along with the example MSRP and wholesale pricing.

Compelling Sales Pitch
Your best pitch and a business card with main POC.

How will this work?

8am - 10am
Pitches start at 8am and will last 10 minutes each (5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for Q&A). No registration required.

We will have five different categories all pitching at the same time: 1) Food, Snacks & Pantry Staples 2) Tea Coffee and Drinks 3) Household Items 4) Cleaning & Laundry Supplies 5) Health, Wellness & Personal Care.

If accepted into the host marketplace, Showplace will reach out via email or phone to the main contact provided.

Is there a cost to be part of the wholesale website?

No, it is absolutely free. All we ask is that you offer high discounts to our host network. For questions or if you are unable to make this time, email Rachel@showplacehq.com To visit the wholesale site, visit https://www.showplacewholesale.com

Is sampling more your thing?

Find out how to get your product in front of vacation rental guests. Visit: https://www.showplacewholesale.com/sampling