The Essentials Wizard

Jun 7, 2022

Buying the essentials you need to launch a new listing is exhausting. So we surveyed our host and property manager community and found extensive excel sheets, Amazon lists, and tedious workflows for comparison shopping. We knew there had to be a better way; that's why we created the Essentials Wizard

Hosts and property managers who used the essentials wizard beta have seen three key benefits:

1. Save time ordering supplies

Using the Essentials Wizard, we automatically calculate the exact quantities of sheets, dinnerware, and other essentials guests expect when staying in 5-star properties. In addition, because Showplace is constantly comparison shopping for the best prices on the SKUs we’ve selected, you can trust that you’ll always get the best price possible when you place an order with us. 

If your operations team handles this ordering for you today, we can free them up to focus on the part of your business that sets you apart - hospitality and guest experience. 

Of course, every operation is different, and we may have missed some products that you need on your essentials list - snow shovels for winter destinations or beach towels for properties near the ocean. Click below to work with our team to personalize a wizard for your vacation rental business. 

2. Consistency for Guests

Almost every property manager or operator we’ve spoken with has expressed their desire to be a differentiated brand. Whether that means embroidered towels or custom tote bags, we want to enable our operators to create a consistent brand experience for their guests. 

Property Managers and hosts alike are getting creative with the “unique touches” that promote their brand experience. For example, Avant Stay includes an acoustic guitar in every property. Similarly, Wander places workstations for guests who like to work and play. 

Whatever you choose to add to your custom essentials list, the Essentials Wizard makes it easy for you to ensure those items are always available in every new property you manage.

3. Simplify Operations

Guest questions are unavoidable. But, you can avoid having to dig through multiple FAQs to find the answer to common guest questions simply by using the same products in all your properties. 

  • Can you help me troubleshoot the TV remote? 

  • What type of coffee maker is in the home?

  • What are the kitchen supplies that are available in the home?

If you have ten properties with differing products, that could add up to 30 different FAQs you’d have to write to answer these common questions. We think it's too much overhead and not worth your time. So instead, the #HostSmarter approach tells us to standardize and simplify by using the same products everywhere.


Creating a consistent and welcoming guest experience isn’t rocket science, but it can be better for everyone involved. By utilizing (and customizing) the Essentials Wizard, your operations staff will be able to focus on the things that make your properties and organization special.

#HostSmarter with Showplace