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FREE Traditional Medicinals Tea (200 cards with 800 Tea Samples)

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FREE Traditional Medicinals tea with 4 sachet samples per card (200 total cards) for vacation rentals located around outdoor adventure activities. Each card includes Peppermint, Immune Zoom, Smooth Move and Nighty Night. Retail value of $250. Only available to listings and shipping addresses in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Addresses must be able to accept UPS ground. No P.O. Boxes will be accepted

Shipping will begin the week of April 22nd and tracking numbers will be emailed. You may order for no more than ten (10) of your listings. If you need to ship to separate addresses, please create a separate order for each address. 

Traditional Medicinals is a wellness company where a history of proven plant knowledge meets modern herbal science. Where flavor meets efficacy. Where human nature meets Mother Nature to help you be the best version of you. Discover wellness with no strings attached—well, maybe one string. Whether it’s a cup for conversation or settling a case of digestive discomfort, Traditional Medicinals has a tea for that. They combine traditional plant knowledge and advanced plant science to bring you over 60 organic teas to help you better manage your wellness. Guests will be delighted with the variety pack of teas to help settle in while on their vacation.

What will I receive?

One (1) order includes:

-200 sample cards with 4 tea flavors

-Easel card with tear pad to display with guest samples, inviting guests to take an online survey to receive a $10 Amazon eGift Card. PLEASE DO NOT DISCARD THIS.

What is required?

This is only valid for vacation rentals located around outdoor adventure activities (e.g., hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, rafting, etc.).

If you are participating in the Starbucks/Keurig Iced Coffee showcase, you are not eligible for this one.

Place 1 sample card for each adult guest, with tent card on kitchen counter or table. Stage nicely with props (e.g., tea cups, tea kettle, etc.) for creative photo-taking.

Provide us with program feedback and upload photos. Instructions will be mailed with product.

As a thank you for sending back the completed feedback form and at least three (3) staged photos, we will send you a $20 Amazon eGift Card. We will also be awarding a $50 Amazon eGift Card to 5 hosts for our favorite creatively staged photos.