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FREE Hyland’s Naturals Chafing Relief - 120 count

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FREE full-size tubes of Hyland’s Naturals® Chafing Relief for properties near national parks and theme parks (120 count of 3 oz. size). They are looking for active guests who are out hiking, biking or doing lots of walking. Retail value of $1,799!  Only available to listings and shipping addresses in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Addresses must be able to accept UPS ground. No P.O. Boxes will be accepted. If we feel your listing does not qualify, your order will be cancelled.

Shipping will begin early March and tracking numbers will be emailed.

One (1) order includes:

  • 120 Hyland’s Naturals® Chafing Relief 3 oz. tubes

  • 2 tent cards (5” x 7”) to display with guest samples, which includes a guest invitation to share their feedback to earn a $10 Amazon eGift card

You may order for no more than ten (10) of your listings. If you need to ship to separate addresses, please create a separate order for each address.

Hyland’s Naturals® requires that at least one photo is taken with the product in your listing. They will be awarding a $20 Amazon eGift Card to 20 hosts for their favorite creative staging of samples/signage, PLUS additional $20 Amazon eGift Cards to another 10 hosts for their favorite listing or social posts. Instructions to submit those photos online will be emailed and included with the shipment.

Hyland’s Naturals® Chafing Relief is a unique cream-to-powder that stays in place before, during, and after activity to safeguard against chafing, hotspots, and blisters — even on the sweatiest days, and with no greasy residue! Hyland’s Chafing Relief is also chock full of soothing ingredients like aloe, shea butter, calendula, and tea tree oil. Just apply as needed to any chafed areas for calming relief. Your guests are going to thank you after their day of adventure!

Learn more at https://hylands.com/products/chafing-relief