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FREE Zest Tea - 60 Sachets

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**LIMIT 1 PER HOST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST** FREE Zest Tea 60-count sachets ($39.00 value) in 4 flavors. Must pay $14.95 for shipping. Limited to the first 100 hosts. Zest Tea asks that you include a small marketing stand next to the tea that will offer additional free samples to your guests. Stand will be included in shipment. Flavors include: Blue Lady, Pomegranate Mojito. Spicy Masala Chai and Superberry Samba. Zest Teas has 3x's more caffeine than traditional tea and a rare amino acid that will reduce those caffeine jitters. Your guests will stay energized all day to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Help those jet-lagged guests start their vacation on day 1!