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FREE Maple Syrup - 24 Bottles

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**LIMIT 1 PER LISTING WHILE SUPPLIES LAST** FREE 24 bottles of SAPJACK Grade A Amber organic maple syrup (8 ounce size, all valued at $192). Must pay $6.00 for shipping per order. Limited to the first 100 listings. SAPJACK asks that you include a small marketing stand, coupons and recipe card next to the syrup. All items will be included in shipment. You may add multiple orders, but if we do not have all of your listing links on file, your order may be canceled. For questions, email rachel@showplacewholesale.com. Listing must be in the following states: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Utah or Montana and pre-approved by Showplace through an invite-only email. Impress your guests with the ultimate morning treat! The SAPJACK crew pours its heart and soul into sharing the true taste of the forest–so your guests can pour it out of each bottle. Working in the magical hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, their maple masters live to share the natural goodness of their 20,000 acre forests.