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4-Slice Classic Metal Toaster

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The 4-Slice Classic Metal Toaster, features stainless steel and polished chrome with black accents. It has a four slot feature that is great to accomodate a multi-party guest stay. It offers six varying shade settings to offer guests toast just the way they like it—and an easy-to-use slide out crumb tray making it easier for you to clean when they've gone!

8 Reviews


pretty strong spring

sometimes the spring is too strong and the food flies out


"4 times the toaster"

A very reliable and efficient toaster. This is the second one we've purchased with the first one still doing its job. We toast lots of bagels. Just lots of people visiting our home.

Percy Wolf

Not satisfied with the one I got

Glad that you asked for my opinion as I was in the process of trying to figure out how to get a refund or replacement since I had used credit card rewards to obtain this. The toaster barely turns the bread brown unless you put it through 2 cycles on the highest setting. The option for bagels toasts both sides and therefore ends up burning the bagel toppings. In the advertisements it says that the toaster only toasts bagels on one side which is usually the case.

Mary FD


Nice toaster. Like the easy to use controls on the front. The darkness dial is too loose though.


Great toaster

Great toaster. Amazing amount of shades this toaster achieves from very light to almost black. I like the cancel mode too.

Martin D

Needs improvement

Doesn’t cook English muffins well. No visual count down to tell when done.

Daily toaster

Decent toaster but nothing to write home about.

It’s a good toaster but, like most others, still falls short on toasting both sides of a slice of bread equally. The “bagel” button really doesn’t do much. If I could do it over I’d just buy a cheaper toaster.

Minessota Bob

Second purchase

Our second one. Had the first for 15 years. The power cord broke and we decided that, for safety reasons to buy the same model. We love these toasters.

Ed Metzler